bamboo art: GEN Mitsuhashi________ |̑`@O

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Welcome to the website of a Japanese bamboo artist, Gen Mitsuhashi.

Gen Mitsuhashi makes big scale bamboo art works.
Please see photos of his works at gallery page .

Bamboo is a plant which has grown in Japan from ancient times, used in a wide scene of life, culture and the arts.
Also, bamboo has been believed to have mystical powers.
After thousands years of symbiotic relationship, bamboo constituted Japanese spirits.

By modern industrialization and spread of plastic products, the Japanese stopped using the plant.
Once no one cut bamboo, they just keep growing, become overcrowded dark bush.

Bamboo need to be cut by men.
We can produce many kind of things with bamboo, and bamboo

Bamboo is a guide of new symbiotic way of production and cleation.
without destruction and contamination.